To the net friend

My dear (name),

it’s been a while since we’ve met on the net, and spent endless hours, day or night, in these e-chats, which so often criticized as impersonal and distant…
Only I know how good it makes me feel to “know” you, and how good it makes me feel to have this constant exchange of ideas. I don’t think I’ve ever “talked” as much with anybody or any so-called friend as I do with you.
Some people talk about the risks and dangers of knowing someone through the Internet, to the point of becoming suspicious of their own shadows. But I must confess that our contact, even at a distance, has become really important to me. I miss chatting with you and comments on the daily events…
But, more importantly, I feel the need to know that you are well, that you had a good day, that things went well for you and all those curiosities that true friends have about one another.
This small note is only to confirm my intention of maintaining this almost daily contact, either by email or ICQ, until the day that we can tighten this relationship, make it more physical and also to thank “virtual” for making our first contact happen.

A big hug