In these hard times

Dearest (name),

In these hard times, when people are self-conscious and shut themselves from others, suspicious of anyone who tries to get close and of all displays of affection, it’s good to able to trust in someone. And it’s even better to realize that that person, in whom we deposit full trust, is someone as special as you!
In these hard times, when the news overflow with tragedies and grotesque events, it’s nice to be able to count on a friend like you to open my heart and release the anguish, to renew and exchange hopes.
In these hard times, when it seems almost impossible to believe things can improve, it’s nice to feel that there are still special people on this planet, people who allow us to hope for a less unfertile and more prosperous future. Only someone as good, loyal and trustworthy as you, my friend, would be able to make me believe in better days…
You are very important to me!

An affectionate hug from