Friends don’t grow on trees!

Dear (name),

Don’t be hasty, thinking I’m mad, but I’ve just realized true friends don’t grow on trees. That made me think of you and feel happy!
The only thing a friend and a tree have in common is the care and nurture they both need. True friendship starts the size of a single seed; if well looked after, watered and nurtured with care, it will grow in the right proportion of the affection you devote to it.
I feel that our affection for each other has already gained the straight of a tree. The friendship, loyalty and trust we dedicate to one another is the result of deep roots in our hearts; as a consequence, we both find more blooming flowers in our paths and more sweet fruits by the road side…
The reason I am saying this is because it’s so hard to walk alone, and I am sure that, inspired by your friendship and affection, my days are happier!
Like I said before, friends don’t grow on trees! I can consider myself to be a lucky person, for I have found in your heart a generous forest of good feelings, which I intend to repay for the rest of my life!

Kisses and hugs from your friend