Drinking is not the solution

Dear (name)

I know you’re going through a rather complicated time in your life, nothing seems to go your way, and the entire universe seems to conspire against you. I know it’s a difficult period, but every one, at one point, has gone through a bad phase.
That’s why I’m writing to you, to offer you my solidarity and to make myself available for a good talk. Listen (name), I said talk, not drink.
All those who love you, and not just me, have noticed how you’ve been abusing alcohol, and you know perfectly well that that’s not a good thing, it won’t help you solve your problems; on the contrary, it only makes you avoid life and postpone any possible solutions for your troubles and worries.
Well, bad things don’t last forever and there are a lot of people willing to help you. And I’m one of them. Call me so we can get together and talk, will you?

A friendly hug from