Comforting letter II

Dear friend (name),

I know how sad and guttered you are after all that’s happened, but there’s no point in giving in to depression and melancholy.
You are a beautiful person and soon you will get back on track and find your space. It maybe hard, I know, but you need to keep your head up and have faith in the future.
You know what people say “Lightening doesn’t strike the same spot twice” so I know that better days will come for you. Dear (name), rest assured that time will be on your side in your fight to return to the path of happiness. You can be sure that the sun will shine again over your head, it’s bright rays filling you with energy.
And finally, I want you to know that all your friends, including me, will be keep an open eye and will be ready to help you with anything you may need. Especially if it’s a cuddle and a big hug!

Your friend