The company of a good friend

There is always a good book or a good CD. There are moments in time when literature and good music are excellent companions, but nothing replaces to the full the company of someone as kind and as sweet as you, someone who knows how to be there when the time is right, who knows the best words to say in the appropriate moment (always to say intelligent things) and who, therefore, is the best company someone could have.
You really are a special person and that is why I feel particularly happy to be able to enjoy your friendship, affection and trust. Whenever I feel lonely, I think of you and how great it is to be in your company, how you always use the right gesture or kind word (even when I deserve to get a good “ear pulling”), because, as it happens, you are a honest and straightforward person that even when you try to open my eyes to certain things, you do it in such a gentle and tender way that I don’t even realize that you’re just telling me off.
You’re ability to express your opinions without being offensive or trying to shake my trust in you is what makes me feel closer and closer to you as a friend, you’re just someone I could not live without! As the poet once said, if all those who call each other friends were a little bit more like you, “how wonderful is living”.

A kiss from