Why are you so indifferent now?

Dear (name),

It took me a while before I got the courage to write to you. For a long time now I’ve been looking for a reason for us to have fallen out, a reason for you to be so evasive and act different ever since I confided in you and told you a few intimate things. I didn’t scare you off, did I?
I don’t think I said anything that might have offended or hurt you in any way. This is a very awkward and uncomfortable situation; I care a lot about you and yet when we meet we don’t even get together to talk anymore… it feels so strange!
What happened, do you know? I’ve tried to find out why and to analyse what could have made us grow apart but I couldn’t find any plausible reason. In the beginning, when I told you about my dream, my secret wish, you seemed interested and wanting to be part of it; But then you backed up and now you treat me with such indifference that it makes me feel uncomfortable.
I’m writing this letter just to say that I miss those times when we were true friends. It’s true that I would have liked it if that dream had come true or, at least, that things had gone back to the way they used to be before and that we could restart that beautiful friendship we had.
Why don’t you call me or just simply give me a hug next time we come across each other in college? I hope I’m still addressing the same sensitive person I used to talk to not so long ago!

I miss you