For a sick friend (or relative)

My dear (name),

I know you’re going through some tough and unpleasant moments, but I sincerely hope that this letter can bring you some comfort and hope during your recovery. I know that the atmosphere in hospitals and clinics is not the most pleasant one; but right now you have to realize that the only reason you’re there is so that you can recover and return to your normal life as soon as possible.
I’ve always believed in you, I’ve always believed in your strength and your ability to overcome things, and to get out of the most critical and delicate situations. I know this has been a tough battle; but thanks to your courage, I’m convinced you’ll come out of this one on top too.
That’s why I beg you to firmly believe that when you leave the hospital you’ll be leading a better life than before, with more quality, health, well-being and strength in both work and leisure.
Never loose hope in all the good things the future has in store. And always count on me, on my affection and my love, because you’re a very special person to all those who surround you and have the pleasure of enjoying your company and joy. Have faith, because I know everything will be all right and it’s not even going to take that long!

Kisses and hugs from