Welcome to this world!

Dear Baby,

The long awaited moment is here and you can’t even imagine how happy your arrival makes me feel. After many jumps and kicks in your mummy’s tummy, you must be anxious to be born, aren’t you? I know that when you arrive you won’t be able to read, but I’ll ask your mummy to keep this letter and show it to you later as something to remember, ok?
Listen, I hope that your arrival in this world will be calm and that all goes well when you get outside. You can expect to be treat with lots of affection and cuddles, after all, there’s a lot of people just waiting to kiss you and hold you, you know? I know you must be thinking that everything is very complicated and different outside, but just leave it to me; I’ll be here to help you understand it all.
With your arrival, the world will be more colorful and pleasant, because here on the outside we sure can use more people like you; From the first moment, you have always behaved in your mummy’s tummy and you’ve always to be very special. I’m sure you’ll be a pretty, cuddly and smiley little baby, and you’ll bring us a lot of joy. I’m impatiently waiting for you. I can’t wait for us to finally meet.

A thousand welcomes and lots of love

PS- Don’t worry about the little tap on your bottom, everyone gets one, the doctor just wants to hear your voice.