For a friend in need

Dear friend

I hope this letter may bring you some comfort in a moment where the circumstances of life are proving to be so cruel on you.
You know, things not always go as well we would like them to, not always do we reach our destination by taking the easiest road. But I want you to know that I have trust in you, I know you’re strong, you’re capable and I believe in your perseverance. And that is why I know that stumbling on a stone along the way will not make you give up on your goals and aims.
This letter is just to express something very simple: you’re a great guy, and I am someone who knows you enough to say so, no second intention considered apart from telling the truth. I also know that it’s not a very pleasant experience the one you’re going through right now and that’s exactly why I’m writing to you: to tell you you’ll always have my support, my affection and my friendship.
The friendship and loyalty we share will, I’m sure, stand up to any difficulties. And just as our friendship will withstand time, because you’re kind and beautiful, so will the present circumstances adapt themselves to your resolve and strength. And very shortly, you will smile upon the memory of such a difficult period of time in your life.

A kiss from your friend