Seasons - Spring

Winter is over, love blooms

March ends, Spring begins. The flower season arrives and sets the heart on fire. It sounds like a legend, but it's actually a time that moves us. We feel more alive, with the heart overflowing with love, the body is needy waiting for affection.
The changing of the seasons, in the eyes of ordinary people, just means that we are getting older. Nothing changes in your routine, you don't notice the miraculous difference that appears to your eyes. The flowers are more beautiful, the birds are happier, the temperature softens, leaving people languid and receptive.
In that time, love blossoms in hearts, transforming our behavior. We pass to the state of passionate creatures. I felt it and I remembered you. The turn of the season left me with nostalgia, so I wrote this letter, taking advantage of the inspiration that came along with spring.
I think I'm in love with you. The change in time gave me the courage I needed to declare this love. I felt the force of nature pushing my will, now I'm here, feeling my heart beat faster when I think of you.
The miracle of love blossomed with spring. The feeling was latent, it finally blossomed.

I love you,