Seasons - Spring

Ah, sweet spring has come...


Have you noticed that love matches with flowers and hummingbirds?
I thought about it because I was thinking about the arrival of spring, this sweet season that seems to transform us and make us more sensitive...
My dear, I don't know why, but this time of year I'm more attentive to things of the heart. I miss your presence and I notice that your eyes are brighter when we are together, more lively and full of joy. Does spring really have anything to do with it?
I think so... If this were not the case, birds would choose another time for mating, just as plants would not open their flowers in search of reproduction! For these reasons, I believe that spring is indeed the most suitable season for us to express our best feelings...
That's why I decided to send you this letter. To remind you that spring has arrived in full force and to reaffirm the strength of the love I feel for you.

Big kiss,