Seasons - Spring

Winter is here, let's date!

My dear,
Cold starry sky night. Nothing better than you next to me, in my bed, and a bottle of good wine at the headboard. Don't you think? Winter has arrived: let's date. Let's go to bed early, let's play and flirt until the sun comes up!
I want to feel your legs mixing with mine. I want your hand covering every part of my body, awakening my lust and my most secret desires.
I want to feel the warmth of your skin and your breath. I want to feel all the pleasure in the world and give your hot body all the pleasure it deserves.
I want you under my blanket, forgetting that winter has already arrived. I want you sweating profusely, on the verge of exhaustion, smiling with every touch of my hands on your skin.
Winter is here. Let's go to bed and kiss until spring arrives. Or do you have a better idea?

Big kiss,