Seasons - Spring

Winter Love

Darling (name)

It's in the cold that we miss the dear people that, for one reason or another, we left behind by the paths of time. Today I remembered you, whose whereabouts I had forgotten, lost in the dust of time. You know that I came to consider your presence essential when we were in love, and we lived our love only on the basis of "I'll only go if you go".
So darling, winter provides these miracles. With the arrival of this cold weather, our soul in the lonely nights, rummages in the archive of our memory and makes us remember the happy moments we lived. In a snap you appeared in my mind.
There were few days and nights of that winter that we were together, but they were unforgettable. We spent happy moments as only happens to passionate beings. Although fleeting our love was recorded like a movie that keeps playing in my mind.
It would be good if we could relive our happy days and nights in this winter that we are living now. The cold and drizzle of the days of this season stir our past feelings and we are left to imagine that everything could be revived again.
The truth is that the cold weather reminded me of you. We didn't experience anything serious, but it was very good. Not always the right things are the best. That winter let me tell you.

Missing kisses.