Seasons - Spring

On a cold morning I remembered you...


I have the impression that winter is finally here to stay and, for me, it seems that it has arrived more intense than the rest of humanity. At least that's what I felt on a cloudy and humid morning, when I woke up and realized that you weren't by my side.
It's amazing how quickly I got used to your morning presence, to the contact of your warm skin and the softness of your hand caressing me in a tender embrace. Custom, in fact, is not enough to define the pleasure of your presence and the rigor of your eventual absence. And it is not only in my body that your absence is reflected, but in my heart, which always rejoices and is nourished when you are near. I want to tell you that the cold is more present when I notice that empty space (always and exclusively yours) in my sheets, but my soul warms up when I remember your overflowing love, translated into delicate journeys of your hand wandering around my neck and chest.
I know that being close to you is something that goes beyond the physical, and not simply because I enjoy being next to your skin and the warmth of your pleasant forms, but because the way we touch and excite each other makes us travel through the world, cosmos and ages, brings us closer to beauty, brings us closer to God.
You are everything to me, and only because the presence of the Sublime in our caresses makes our exaggerations purer, blesses the lust with which we lick and kiss each other all over our bodies, as if all the water in the world were, in those moments, dammed up in our bodies but ready to flood the planet with fertility benefits.
You are everything to me: a source of love, peace, joy and complete ecstasy, especially when I notice your body apparently faint (but actually still vibrant) subtly asking me to complement my care with a little more attention to any little piece of your skin that, by mistake, has not been duly contemplated with deserved affection.
You are everything to me because your presence really comforts me and makes me happy. Amidst so many tribulations, uncertainties and hardships inherent to existence and everyday life, the fact of knowing you are close by touches my soul with the delicacy of a balm and the warm warmth of a fireplace.
And it is because you make me complete and happy that I make such a point of waking up with you every day, of having your body always present, since you are always in my heart.

A big kiss from