Seasons - Spring

Another happy winter

Dear (name),

This winter we will be celebrating one year of dating! Our love's first anniversary. For me it's a long time, since my heart only beats for you, and in my chest there's only room to love you. It will be another warm and happy winter that we will spend together.
We deserve a gift in this celebration. I just ask that this feeling we have for each other is eternal. I also hope that the cold of this winter will be softened by your warmth. I want to find in your chest, a source of affection, peace and love.
To continue receiving all the good things that come from you, without asking for anything else. I really have to thank you for the first anniversary of happiness together, for this time of love and affection, in addition to being able to spend another winter together.
To those who make me so happy and complete me completely, I only have to wish a very long life, full of peace and tranquility, knowing that they are loved with the same intensity as the first encounter. By itself, my love can translate into happiness for both of us, everything that we dreamed of a year ago.
The cold weather will be ideal for us to live happy days and nights warmed by the warmth of our feelings, in addition to the softness of my duvets.