Seasons - Spring

Summer remembers love

Dear (name)

It occurred to me last night, when I opened the window to cool off, I felt on my face a haze whose breeze, and it was hot and humid, promising a new night of heat that I would have to spend alone. What an inhospitable night to spend in the stillness of this empty room!
Then came to me the idea of ​​this invitation that I am making now. Summer suggests reflection, and I don't want another night alone in the heat. Come on baby, lets enjoy a cold beer with me and a nice shower, it will be very refreshing.
I kept, waiting for a moment like this, a champagne bottle at the bottom of the fridge, for the toast we will make to celebrate our love. You can't calculate how good it feels to be together, naked with the air conditioning on, exchanging affection and living another happy piece of our life.
You can't miss it, I'm inviting you with hours of advance, believing that this is a proposal which does not require further details. I don't want to pass another hot night away from you. I want to feel all the emotion of a summer night in your company.
Kisses to soften the hours of heat waiting for you.