Summer madness

Dear (name)

Summer is here, with it the exaggerated heat that smothers even the scent of seasonal flowers. But it's a pleasant warmth that, for lovers, awakens the desires, makes us feel much more romantic.
When we are far away then, the thought sharpens the desires and makes the longing increase, comes the desire to kiss you, and the fluids of the season evoke all the imaginable caresses. That's when I go crazy to see you again.
I want you so much, I want to fill you with kisses and leave the effect of summer pouring out, like a storm with lightning and thunder.
This summer we foresee a period of great moments of passion. Don't be scared by my boldness. It feels like the effect of the sunny season makes me bolder.
I want you very much, and in the summer my love multiplies. I'm a passionate guy who wants to vent all love he feels for you.

Kisses (signature)