Seasons - Spring

I want to love you in the summer

Dear (name)

Summer is here, mixing radiant days with rainy and cool moments. The season of sun and heat warms people's hearts, and the predisposition to love is inevitable.
A simple casual approach between two people, already prone to love, in summer gets warmer.
We become more communicative and specific topics arise for the beginning of a romance.
I'm thinking this is happening between us. In our chats, hints appear that inevitably lead to a relationship. In fact we are opening our hearts, like a gate, leaving the way clear for love to enter.
In writing this letter I am doing what my face-to-face shyness does not allow. I have these lines declaring myself, I'm in love with you! It's summer and we shouldn't wait any longer as warm hearts are drawing closer.
I feel that you want me too, and because of this attraction, which seems to be reciprocal, I'm waiting for an answer, which, if it's what I'm waiting for, will make me the happiest woman of this season that begins.
I want to have the opportunity to love you with all the heat of summer.

Kisses (signature)