Seasons - Spring

Let's enjoy the end of summer

Dear (name),

Summer is slowly ending, and even though the process of terrestrial warming mixes radiant days with rainy moments, it is never cold. The season of sun and heat that still lingers, leads to an inevitable predisposition to love.
A simple casual approach between two people, it gets warmer. And it seems that people become looser, more communicative, making it easier to start a romance. I think this is happening between us.
In our chats, it appears that inevitably leads to a relationship. In fact, we are very likely to open our hearts, leaving the way open for love to enter.
I am writing this letter, in an act that helps me to overcome my shyness. So I can say that I'm in love with you, and I see opportunity in this late summer, for our warm hearts to draw closer.
Observing your attitudes better, I feel that you like me too. Because of this attraction, which seems to me to be mutual, I'm waiting for an answer. If it's what I hope, it'll make me the happiest woman this summer.
I want to have the opportunity to love you, with all the warmth I carry in my heart.