Seasons - Spring

Autumn romance

Dear (name)

I'm here, between the walls of my room, thinking about how to be happier this fall. No, I don't want to feel pain for the longing, I will leave everything aside and run into your arms. I want to kiss yours hands and feel complete, so I can enjoy the amenity of this season.
My commitment will be only you, because I long for your love and affection. On second thought, these are things that only you can give me. That's why I'm on the path to happiness and I won't stop for nothing. Hope to see me soon in my arms.
I will forget the appointments and dedicate all the time for our love. I hope this decision finds receptivity on your part. I know that you love me very much and all you want is to be by my side. So, it seems to me, it will be a perfect match, because I love you too and we will finally be enjoying our full-time love.
Love is the greatest source of pleasure and happiness and what is missing is time to enjoy it. I'm will forget everything and just love you so much.
Many kisses from your eternal lover.