Proposal for a future lover


I think you should know from the start the circumstances that, in a way, could limit our relationship. In other words, I think it’s important that you know from the beginning that I’m married.
This, however, doesn’t stop me from feeling strongly attracted to you and enjoying being with you whenever I can, listening to your voice and feeling the warmth of your gorgeous body.
Look, think about it, that being a lover, being the other one story, is something from the past, what really matters is the love, affection, understanding and friendship that happens when two people are together. If destiny has put someone in my life before you, that’s a situation we’ll have to work on in due time or just simply live with.
I believe it can’t be that bad. I know so many married couples that, after many years together, fight all the time… But, to be honest, there are very few cases of people who have bad affairs. Normally, they make the most of the few moments they spend together, enjoying all the best life and love have to offer.
Think about it.

An affectionate kiss