Seasons - Winter

Autumn arrival

Dear (name)

With the end of summer approaching, we feel the freshness of autumn breezes on our skin. Every morning, as we open the windows of our house, we feel the autumn wind and the harbinger of the new season.
The summer this year was very hot, and almost everyone is looking forward to the end of this heat that is already passing. It is in the changes of the seasons that we feel the effect of time on our body. Every year that passes we get older and more sensible.
As the simple folk of the countryside say. Life always remains the same and the effects of time are for us the same as the ripening period of fruits, our body is getting stiff and we don't realize the beauty of the planet's mutation cycles.
We haven't seen each other in a while. The changes, which sometimes seem few, are actually many. The landscape is the same, it just gets different with the variation of the seasons. What is astonishing is the aging of people. People are born, grow, mature and when they notice, they are old.
Like plants, people's history repeats itself with admirable boredom. To be born, to grow, to mature and to harvest. It is an unhurried cycle subject to the perversity of nature. I wrote you because I missed you.

A big hug from yours
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