Love declaration to an athlete


You know this writing thing doesn't suit me very well. I mean, I'm a little out of shape.
In fact, every time I think about you, I lose my breath, because thinking about you takes me to the limit of endurance, because I don't want to have you for just 100 meters, but for an entire marathon, not to mention a triathlon.
I propose a ground fight, hours and hours on the mat. Who knows, maybe we can reach a simultaneous ippon, which must be every judoka's dream.
Look, I miss you so much and I'd really like to send you a kiss. I just don't know if you prefer the aerobic or anaerobic type.
Anyway, I'm looking forward to your counterattack, or rather, looking forward to role with you on the mat or simply being tackled by you.

Kiss from (signature),

P.S. Whatever the score, with you I will always win.