Love declaration to the accountant

My dear,
this time of night and you come to talk to me in spreadsheets? Try to forget a little about the numbers and remember that there is someone by your side, next to your inseparable financial calculator. You dine over the receivables, you sleep with payable bills and don't even care about my own reserve funds. Certainly because you're not even worried that your debt to me keeps increasing. It's time for you do do some amortizations.
I think I'll stop calling you by name. From now on you'll just be Mr. Accountant and, I'm thinking of calculating my lost profits since the day I became part of your liabilities!
I think you understand my position, don't you? After all, you're a smart men, otherwise you wouldn't even have gotten that diploma. You need to calculate a percentage of your time as a contingency reserve to increase your investment in me. You need to increase your assets, dear!
Otherwise, I will declare your bankruptcy or, at the very least, close you for balance! But, as I believe in your ability to turn chaotic financial situations around, accept a loving kiss from yours