To the waitress

Beautiful girl

(allow me to treat you this way, because I still don't know your name), I just know that when I walked into this bar I had kind of a needy and anxious look. I felt that you first smiled kindly and then looked at me with such professionalism and coldness that your eyes were like two ice cubes shining in a long glass of whiskey.
You know, I only went to the bar because I needed to see people, see movement, and eventually talk to someone. What I didn't count on was being served by someone so graceful and beautiful, despite being hidden behind a little apron fastened to the back by a very well made bow.
I felt my hands tremble and even before the first sip I felt totally intoxicated by your presence, by the sweetness of your voice and by the grace with which you paraded between the tables balancing a huge tray that seemed to float on your well-groomed hand.
You know, I kept looking at you and I wanted to tell you to sit down, take the tray from your hands and start serving you, as princesses should be served, with kindness and reverence. I wanted to serve you for life, to watch your elegant manners forever, or at least until the last bottle of whiskey on the shelf was gone.
I think I'm in love with you... Do you believe in love at first sight?
Let's make a Deal? Next time I enter this bar, don't ask "what are you going to drink?", because your very presence intoxicates me, just say, "Nice to see you again", then I will know that you've noticed me too.

One last kiss and until next time. With love,