To the mathematician

My dear,

I thought 3.1416 times before writing this letter to you, because even though Newton proved that everything can be measured in numbers, I could never quantify my love for you!
I also know that your love for me is greater than the sum of the squares of the legs of a right triangle, but that's not why you need to keep calling me "my beautiful Hypotenuse", is it?
When I remember you, the expression "my love" dominates my thinking in such a way that it looks like a periodic tithe, because it is repeated so much, that my heart is like that eight lying down, signaling an infinite passion!
In fact, you sometimes seem a little crazy with this mania for calculating everything, for taking everything into the realm of mathematics, although I had no trouble keeping your phone number, especially after you told me your number was exactly the square root of 950751158068009! Wow, from then on it was so easy!!!
You know, I love when we get together to do those combinatorics, although I like the combinatorics a lot more than the analyzes part. I also like it when you teach me how to calculate the volume of bodies, but I always have a question: if everything can be measured through numbers and calculations, why do you say that cones can only be calculated by touching and groping? I suspect that in these moments you reveal yourself to be calculatedly shameless, don't you, my love?
Know that my love for you is the greatest in the world, if it can be really measured, it has astronomical dimensions raised to the nth power, because I am sure that I have found the ideal person for me, and I have no doubt that you are my number!

Millions of kisses from