Declaring your love to the bank employee

Look, you who are there lost among these papers, stamps and numbers... You who don't realize that I let the whole line pass in front of me just to be attended by you... When your eyes meet mine feels like a check with no funds?
You know, my dear, you seem to make a point of keeping my heart tucked in, like an untouchable savings account, which you'll only call on in an emergency, and that makes me very sad. Can't you change your investment and transform this affection that I dedicate to you into, at least, a fixed-term investment and guaranteed income. How many kisses are you going to pay me in interest, for all this delay you're subjecting me to?
I think all these computers, bills, calculators, slips, and magnetic cards are making you too inattentive to the things that really matter in this world, like love and affection. You look crazy, all you can see is money and dollar signs while I stand here, like a stock portfolio, which you only think about redeeming after retirement.
Have a little more flexibility, stop acting like an ATM and pay a little more attention to me. If you want to be a little bolder and pretend your lips are stamps, you can even authenticate me twice: once on the front and once on the back; I mean, a kiss on the forehead and another on the back of the head. I swear I'll like it!

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