Declaring your love to a salesperson

Dear (name),

Did you know that your boss is a very smart guy? After all, I have to confess that I only go into the store where you work to see you. I think your boss wanted to save money on the window decoration, so he hired you, with your elegant bearing and gentle gestures, you are the most eye-catching thing in the world. I don't know if you've noticed, but until today, everything I bought there I didn't need... Why do I need five watches, if I'm late for work every day, right?
In fact, you are very competent. I go into your store just to hear you offer all the facilities in the world, until I take a bracelet, a nice hair clip, and then hear you say that I'm going to look even more beautiful, and that if I want I can pay in installments. In three, four, ten times, and all interest free...
And you come to say, still, that you give me a guarantee, that you have it delivered to my home, and that if the product has a defect, just let me know and you can exchange it, etc etc...
Look, what I really wanted is for you to stop this talk of wanting to sell me everything that comes your way and pay a little more attention to the real reason that leads me to enter and leave that establishment so many times. Even the hangers have already realized that, in fact, I don't want or need to buy anything, it's just you who haven't noticed yet... Let's make a deal: next time you offer me a coffee, I'll accept it in the condition that it's somewhere else and not in that pile of shoeboxes. Be a little more attentive to me, forget about your formal kindness and give me a differentiated treatment, more like a VIP.
Otherwise, I'll steal a kiss and run away. If the store alarm goes off, that's your problem!!!
Hey, just one thing: do you also kiss on installment???

See you later,