Declaring your love to the nurse


God forgive me, but it makes me want to fall sick just to be under your care. You know, since I was little I've been very attracted to you, since I saw you for the first time (in that black and white photo) with your index finger in front of your lips asking for silence in the hospital.
I know it wasn't you, after all this is my first memory of a nurse and, if my memory serves me correctly, I was still in the nursery! Actually, if you think about it, you're much prettier and younger than she was.
Now, when I see you in white from head to toe, two very suggestive images come to my mind: one is that of a guardian angel, always attentive and present to avoid any kind of pain, avoid suffering and heal wounds, especially those of my heart, mercilessly struck by Cupid's arrows, since I first saw you. The second is even more suggestive, and is especially provoked by this pretty little hat, similar to a tiara, which helps to hold and hide your hair. I see you like a bride, radiating through the flowery aisle of the church, while I wait for you, nervous, trembling at the altar.
Do I have a high fever? Am I delirious?
I don't think so. In any case, my love, call the ambulance!

A kiss from you,