First approach

My dearest (name),

Although we’ve know each other for a long time, we’ve never really had the chance to talk and get to know each other a little bit better, and become friends. Suddenly, I felt the need to get closer to you, I started noticing that, despite the fact you’re such a quiet person, every time you talk in public you say the most appropriate things, you’re clever and witty.
And what’s more, you’re always so elegant in your gestures and the way you dress, that inevitably you catch my attention (I’m sorry for telling you all these things, because I really don’t know you well enough, but I would still like to say them and I hope you won’t be offended by it).
I know nothing about you or your personal life, I don’t know your tastes, what books you like to read or hobbies, but I would love to gradually get to know them. That’s why I’m sending you this little note, with the sole purpose of inviting you to lunch and have the opportunity to talk to you outside work.
Please send me a sign (even if it’s a negative one). From your (I hope) future friend,