We don't know if it will last, but...

Dear (name),
This relationship is still in its infancy. We don't know if it will last. But I think I'm really enjoying you. This admiration is sincere, it may not even represent anything serious, however, it is for me, the hope that the time has come to be happy.
This romance happened at a time when I was very lost. Without any commitment or hope. He always lived with a frown. Now I live smiling, I'm getting back to being happy.
Love has arrived with you! He came in the form of an understanding and caring, loving and patient man. Your presence has been precious in my new life. I think you changed me. Today I am happy, I love you and I am reciprocated.
You are kind and wonderful. I feel that the emptiness that existed in me was filled thanks to you and your affections.
This romance is just beginning, we don't know if it will last, but I'm really enjoying every moment. It's a sincere admiration, which may not represent much, but for me, it's the hope of a lasting and happy union.
Maybe our meeting happened to complete our lives.

A kiss,