The biggest love in the world

Dear (name),

The idea of ​​taking me to your house to meet your parents was very nice, I loved it. I think the reception was the best. I was delighted with such kindness. You were right to tell me not to be worried, after all your education was given by them.
I could never have expect nothing else, I was convinced of my mistake. I was received with all distinction. Knowing you and loving you as I love you, I had to know that your parents could only be nice and endearing.
The fruit doesn't fall far from the tree. You've already shown all your sensitivity, following all the teachings that came from them. I think I hit the jackpot when I managed to win you over. I have your love and affection, with the certainty that I will never be disappointed.
Do I deserve it? I think that in your company the future will be full of happiness. You have good character, are handsome, strong, and affectionate. By your side I am sure: You really love me! It seems unbelievable to have a love like I do. A love to be lived for the rest of your life.
For my part, I want you with all my heart. I have the greatest love in the world for you. The happiness that awaits us is the size of our passion.