The most anticipated ceremony

Dear (name),

You are a persevering and curious girl. I personally love this special trait of your personality. The hunger for knowledge is a positive facet, in addition to your sensitivity and delicacy. All this, linked to your strong character, only reinforced my feelings for you.
I always found you a very interesting woman, and living together just confirmed everything. I really didn't have to worry, when I saw how big was your heart, I knew you had a lot of love to give.
And our love, which was born at a first glance, was consecrated with the first kiss. After all, your name rings in my ears like classical music, like a Viennese waltz, which will forever rock our married life.
I look forward to the day we celebrate our love with a beautiful wedding ceremony. I want to see you dressed as a bride, with a bouquet of white roses in your arms. Walking slowly towards me, to the sound of the wedding march.

A big kiss,