A toast to life


Our happy life together deserves a party! Daily parties! Radiant celebrations and expressions of joy; after all, few people relate as harmoniously as we do.
And, do you know why this happens? Because the feeling that moves us is called Love, which is something abstract, diffuse, confused, but which involves admiration, affection and respect.
Love means life, it means healthy passion.
Knowing that I love you makes me very happy, makes me ask the heavens that this time never runs out, so that I can always feel the warmth of your skin and the aroma of your breath.
You are my stimulus, the force that moves me to work, the energy that moves me in search of the best. Without your love I would be nothing.
You are the most beautiful flower in the garden, which will never lack water or food. The strength of your sweet gaze reaches mine and spreads through my entire body. It hits my heart, guts and legs. It makes my feet wobbly.
Everything sweet you say to me echoes in my eardrums like a joyful bell, like the announcement of a festive celebration. You have the gift of transforming moments of anguish into peaceful rest, of making life less bitter when all circumstances point the other way.
Your optimism cheers me up, makes me happier. It allows me to do more gentle and humane deeds. This is all a reflection of the love I receive from you and I try to reciprocate. When we give and receive love, we become better. I honestly believe this.
Today, I went walking aimlessly. I tried to disconnect myself from all the problems. Almost made it. I heard birds, the sound of leaves, the rush of the river. But in the midst of all this, I still had a sound: that of your voice calling me affectionately.
So, know that you are with me 24 hours a day. Know that I never forget you. Know that there is no distance that can diminish my feeling for you. Know that love is something much deeper and more powerful than a few miles down the road.
Anyway, know that you found love. Someone who respects you the way you are.

Receive the tender kiss of your love,