A necessary suffering


It's strange, but I've come to the conclusion that there is a small amount of pain in everything that involves love. Love hurts in the form of longing, when we feel the absence of someone, by distance or even death.
Love hurts for empathy, because when we know that the loved one suffers, we suffer together. Love physically hurts, because bringing someone into the world, as all mothers do, is a noble act, but extremely painful.
Love brings the anguish when we miss someone, but it rewards us when the physical presence of that someone, brings us all the happiness; after all, we know when we are loved.
It does not need to be reaffirmed 24 hours a day. It does not need to be sworn or notarized. It just exists, hovers over souls and hearts as if it is an angel with generous and large wings.
If it brings the fear of loneliness, it brings, on the other hand, the certainty of companionship.
There are several forms of love: fraternal, romantic, filial, maternal or paternal. Each one manifests differently. Each one brings peculiar anxieties, but all of them carry a charge of emotion so strong that it cannot be explained by any word, much less be measured by any device.
Love also hurts when we feel unable to help, when we feel powerless in the face of the pain of the loved one, in the face of the suffering of the other. Love is synonymous of sincere concern for the well-being of others, it is the opposite of contempt.
There is nothing more beautiful in the world than to love frankly, without any dissimulation. So, know that whenever I think of you, my thoughts are the purest and most sincere.
I think about everything that can bring you comfort and pleasure, everything that can make you happier. I will never spare efforts to give you everything you deserve. You are a jewel, something rare, beautiful and valuable that I want to keep with me, in my heart, for the rest of my life, even if it costs me a few more worries.
Know that I sincerely love you. And I will do anything in the name of that feeling.

Big kiss,