Special Dates - Rosh Hashanah/Labor Day

Grim invitation on Friday the 13th

My friend,

Friday is traditionally the day to gather the guys, but today is a special Friday, because it is Friday the 13th. So I propose that we make a big party to celebrate this date that comes so rarely.
By the way, I propose that we have an open party, to friends, neighbors, crashers, but I don't think we should call Michael Myers, he really is a very picky guy, he only appears on Halloween night, he doesn't say anything at all and just wants to stab you on the back.
By the way, I think Chucky, Jason and Freddy might not show up either because today, they probably have professionals appointments. But anyway, let's go have fun, because even if they don't participate, we'll be able to drink a few glasses of blood like in the "The Texas Chain Saw Massacre" or even experience the rest of those brains from "The Return of the Living Dead". I'll wait for you at the usual point.
A hug,