To the jealous boyfriend

My love,

You know that I adore you and that I would be unable to do anything that hurts you.
You know I'm extremely dedicated to you and to our love, and that's why sometimes I can't understand some of your attitudes and much less, those unfair accusations that you usually make me...
I am and will always be faithful to you, simply because I love you to much. It doesn't cross my mind the possibility of losing you. I'm yours and because i love you, you don't have to distrust me and impose rules of behavior, saying what I can and what I I can't do.
I know how to respect everyone, especially the ones I love. Above all, I know how to give myself the due respect, and that's why I get hurt when you distrust me or prevent me, unjustifiably, to go to certain places.
Darling you don't have to fear mine attitudes. As I said, I would never be able to hurt you. Because I love you so much!
Take a piece of advice from your love: forget about the jealousy. This will help us to be even more happy.

Many kisses from you,