I want to sleep on your lap

Hello my dear and beloved!

Today I would like to receive from you the simplest of caresses. I want to take shelter in your lap, in your arms, and relax, while I whisper tender and loving words to you, like "I love you".
You light up my life and I am so grateful for that. And that's why I feel more in love with you every day. That's why I am deeply dedicated to cultivate this endless love.
I will never spare efforts to make you happy. I will never shy away from helping you, whether it is patching your body or your soul, because it encourages and soothes me, it also gives me physical and spiritual comfort.
Without you, life would be very boring. You can bring joy and humor to the little world that lives in my heart and orbits around it.
Never run away from me! Because I love you so much. Have happy hours, but come see me quickly.

Passionate kisses from yours,