To a work friend

You know that my heart has always beaten faster each time you have crossed my path, but now things became really serious.
Yesterday, when we left work and by coincidence we were side by side at the first avenue light, I felt you were taking advantage of your right to be beautiful and charming. I don¹t know if you noticed but when the light turned green I had just noticed a small and subtle blue lock in your hair. I became so surprised to notice that everything you change in your looks suits you so well; as a consequence my car died and I sat there like a fool. I let you speed away without having the time to invite you for coffee.
(Name), you have become more beautiful and seductive at each day, and I feel this is happening naturally. You don¹t do any extra effort to be that way. It simply happens, and the bad part is that I perceive it and become enchanted by it.
Well, this note is also a invitation for coffee. You can set the time and place, as you wish, but please accept it.

A hug from (signature)