Time strengthens our love

Dear (name),

Many people say that time is the enemy of love, that relationships wear down over the months and years. But, this is not true, as the days come, the nights change the moons and the seasons and I still love you with the same passion as when we met.
In fact, I feel like time has reinforced our feelings every day, as if the ties that unite us are closer and firmer every single minute. And the best part is that these ties do not oppress us nor limit our movements, do not take away our individual freedom but, on the contrary, they give us the exact feeling of the greatness of love, this feeling that we complete each other without ceasing to be ourselves!
I love you. More and more every day, because I know that together we are capable of winning all barriers, overcoming the hours with joy and fly on the wings of time, sucking the good air of the experience it provides, and making us increasingly confident in the eternity of this feeling that unites us.
Even though I'm sure this love is for always, I still want to tell you that I value every minute we spend together, as I only have fond memories of all the moments that we have enjoyed throughout our happy relationship.

A kiss from