Thank you for your way of loving

You have no idea how happy I feel to be loved the way I always dreamed. The kindness and attention, found in your love, make the most intimate and complete satisfaction my soul desires.
To be loved as I am is every woman's dream. After some frustrating experiences, I finally met the man of my dreams.
I hope to continue deserving you, and I will do everything to be worthy of the affection you showed me so far.
I'm always thought that a love so beautiful and so big was to distant from my reality, i'm starting to think that God finally remembered me.
I know I'm not wasting praise, as your actions are deserving of much more. You can't imagine the desire I have to give back this special love that you have dedicated to me. Believe me, I want also to be the woman of your dreams, of your life.
This love is a more than perfect fairy tale, because we are experiencing it in an absolutely real situation.
Receive the kisses and the affection of your love,