Nothing can be greater

My dear,

There is no love greater than my love for you and I believe that the opposite is true, because I have a lot of trust in everything you tell me, in everything you you do, in all your gestures and attitudes.
For a long time we enjoyed a beautiful coexistence. Coexistence marked by dedication. For the strictest sense of love. I can't imagine myself without you. If you didn't exist, the world would be much poorer for me. You bring me peace, hope, comfort and a kind of wealth that I am not quite capable of defining. Somehow you turn me into a human being more valid and more valuable.
You make me notice beauties I wouldn't notice without your presence. You have the gift of smothering sorrows, feeding beauties, transform into hope what could be convert into despair.
No wonder I love you. No wonder my thought sleeps and wakes up with you. All day long, morning, afternoon, night or dawn, even when we are physically far away, my spirit is with you. Be sure of that.
Life always reveals surprises for everyone, sometimes good and sometimes bad. But for me, know that you were the most pleasant surprise that ever happened. You turned my gray and tasteless lifeinto something more colorful, flavorful and wholesome.
Your coexistence makes me more human, makes me realize that the world really needs to be filled with love, with good and pure intentions. Thus, I will never be tired of repeating that my heart is all yours. cause you just make me feel good things, you always comfort me, you relieve me of pain. You don't let tears run down my eyes and when, by chance or nature's fault, they do, you quickly dry them and kiss me.
Anyway, always count on me. for everything and for ever. I'm definitely with you. Whatever happens, always count on me.
Receive my immense, sincere and affectionate kiss. And, once again rest assured that I am always with you.

With love,