Growing passion

My sweet and ultimate passion,

so definitive that I don't see another alternative, I have to call you my greatest love. I won't be hypocrite and deny that the first detail that enchanted me in you, was your exuberant beauty.
Every detail of your features, every tone of your skin, every ray of sun that refracted in your iris won my heart, in a dimension greater than any other that the human condition has ever experienced.
Well then: we met, we got closer, and today my only purpose is to preserve this wonderful condition, having you always with me, whatever it takes.
I still love your curves, your sweet and soft body, your delicate speech and your outbursts of passion.
But the purity of our feelings and the dedication we have for each other, gives me comfort and pleasure.
You are beautiful, very beautiful. Inside and outside. You are able to relax my body, give peace to my soul, and make me, always, always happy.
But, know: the best retribution I can offer for all the good you do me, is to assure you that at all times, day or night, all my respect and all my heart will be devoted to you.