Break Up

Our love is over

(Name), how are you?
We agreed to take time apart to rethink our relationship. I am now writing what I have decided. When misfortune knocks at the door, the first thing that happens is love running out the window. Happiness ends, and since no one can live without it, there is only one way out, and that is to break up.
This is so sad, but it happens very often. Hate arose where there was love and because they are very close feelings, whose dividing line is very fragile, that line unexpectedly broke and, in it's place there was only a very strong resentment.
Intelligent people know how to deal with similar situations. Some deal better than others when the charm ends, they conform. But the majority go to indissoluble friction, the result of misplaced things, unthinking but blunt words, thrown in the middle of discussions.
Then we realize that there is no more love. Words attack as much as the worst acts of violence. There is no way to resist these episodes, the best way is separation. We have no alternative, our relationship has died. We can simply be friends, things of love, never again.