To a college friend


You know that I have always been a good student.
Diligent and attentive, I have never needed to study a lot to get good grades. It happens, however, that after I have noticed your presence, I don¹t know any more if I look at the books, at the teacher or, simply at nowhere. This is what ends up happening at each time I see you.
It is true, I see you and I go into orbit, I lose my concentration, my hands tremble and my heart beats faster.
Look, I have always liked college, the classes, the academic environment, the jokes and the possibilities of making friends. But after I have definitely noticed your shy and noble existence, I have continued to like all of that, but I have started to only pay attention at you.
Wow! I think I am 101% in love with you. Can I be so bold to invite you to study with me Saturday afternoon and after, invite you to go to the movies and then, invite you to go to dinner and then, invite you to go dancing and then, if you were not tired of my lack of objectivity, ask you a kiss?
Answer, please, or shorten the process giving me this kiss at once!