Special Dates

Happy Nurse's Day


God forgive me, but you make me wanna get sick just to be under your care. You know, since I was little I felt attracted to you, since I saw you for the first time (in that black and white photo), with the index finger in front of your lips, asking for silence in the hospital. It was you right?!!!
No,I don't think it was, after all, this is my first memory of a nurse and, if my memory serves me correctly, I was still in the nursery! Since you seem to be younger than me, I must be mistaken... In fact, pulling the memory and thinking about it, you are much more beautiful than she was.
Now, when I see you in white from head to toe, two very suggestive images come to mind: one is that of a guardian angel, always attentive and present to avoid any kind of pain, avoid suffering and heal wounds, especially those of my heart, mercilessly hit by Cupid's arrows, since I first saw you. The second is even more suggestive, and is caused especially by this beautiful little hat, similar to a tiara, which helps to hold and hide your hair. I see you like a bride, radiantly entering the flowered church aisle, while I wait for you, nervous, shaky and in a tie, at the altar.
Do I have a high fever? Am I delirious?
I think not. In any case, my love, call the ambulance!

A special kiss on your day!