To a girl with penetrative eyes

Pretty girl,

At one time, long time ago, I read a poem from a Chilean poet, which said: "Would you be voice less, that God gave you these eyes?" Well, time went by and I have kept this verse in my subconscious mind until today when my eyes met yours for the first time.
Pretty girl with penetrative eyes, could you see the tumult that your expressive pupils caused in my heart? I don¹t know when I will see you again, because parties in the house of common friends or events that match our agendas and personal preferences don¹t always happen.
Anyway, I would like very much to see you again, and preferably as soon as possible. Maybe, then, I will personally give you a poem from Vinicius de Morais, which says: "My girlfriend is so beautiful, she has eyes like little sky beetles". Do you know that your eyes are so pretty like the little sky beetles? Yes, they are!
I think, after that, I am not going to add anything, I will only tell you for the poem to be complete, the only thing missing is that you agree to be my girlfriend.

A tender kiss,