Special Dates - Rosh Hashanah/Labor Day

For the husband on Labor Day

My dear (name)

I can't help but pay tribute to you today, on Labor Day. Among all workers, if there is anyone who deserves the homage, it is you.
The dedication you have for your work, nowadays is something very rare. For all this you receive all the recognition, because in addition to being an exceptional employee, you are also the helpful husband and collaborator in the division of duties on our home.
So, all your superiors and me, your wife, owe you this tribute of recognition. I know your feelings better than anyone, I know that all this selflessness is from birth, and it will make you very successful.
Being your wife, being loved as I know I am, is a source of great pride for me. Your superiors and colleagues at work, are unanimous in recognizing your exceptional workforce and in this day, you are undoubtedly the “exemplary worker” to be honored.
You are the model employee, but you are also the exemplary husband that I am proud to love.

Hugs and kisses (signature)