Special Dates - Rosh Hashanah/Labor Day

For the wife on Labor Day

Dear (name)

I want to honor you today on Labor Day. There is no one who deserves to be remembered more than you - a woman who works, fulfills a double journey, always with a smile on your lips.
If there is anyone who was born to excel at work, it is you. The special dedication to the duties of the home, do not make you deviate, even for an instant, from your professional obligations in the exercise of the profession you chose to exercise.
You are in fact an exemplary worker, you still have time for extra functions and you always defend the rights of your class. You are in fact the prototype of the modern woman, the one who knows and exercises your obligations and rights, without measuring efforts.
Being your husband I especially know your feelings well, I know that all this selflessness is innate. With you, people achieve success in everything they do. To be contemplated with the benefits of your love, is for me the greatest pride, because being an intelligent and accomplished person, you dedicate all your affections to those around you. I am the happiest creature on the planet.
I love you and I'm paying this tribute in the name of that love.

A big kiss (signature)